Own Branding

A large part of what we do is supplying our customers with products under their own brand. Nowadays there are a growing number of large retailers who are opting for own-brand products because it helps to grow customer loyalty which then drives repeat business.

A returning customer typically spends 67% more than a first time customer, so it’s no wonder that retailers are trying to offer a product that is both high quality and unique to ensure they come back for more.

A lot of businesses are put off own branding because they don’t want to commit to large quantities of stock, however, we use our own printing facilities on-site in Sheffield which allows us to offer our own branding services with very low MOQs and in a lot of cases at no extra cost.

Our design team is on hand to help with any artwork or packaging designs that you need to ensure that your brand grabs the consumer’s attention from the shelf.

We are able to offer own branding on almost all of our products by using either our in-house printing facility or by simply over-labelling.

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