SDS+ Drill Bits


We offer a complete range of SDS+ Drill bits in a wide variety of sizes and lengths. All our SDS+ Drill Bits are Presto Branded and are manufactured with the new 'W Tip' design which delivers exceptional performance.

SDS+ Drill Bits

Stock Code Size Overall Length
SDS4.0X110 4.0mm 110mm
SDS4.0X160 4.0mm  160mm 
SDS5.0X110 5.0mm  110mm 
SDS5.0X160 5.0mm  160mm 
SDS5.5X110 5.5mm  110mm 
SDS5.5X160 5.5mm 160mm
SDS5.5X210 5.5mm  210mm 
SDS6.0X110 6.0mm  110mm 
SDS6.0X160 6.0mm  160mm 
SDS6.0X210 6.0mm  210mm 
SDS6.0X260 6.0mm  260mm 
SDS6.5X110 6.5mm  110mm 
SDS6.5X160 6.5mm  160mm 
SDS6.5X210 6.5mm  210mm 
SDS6.5X260 6.5mm  260mm 
SDS7.0X110 7.0mm  110mm 
SDS7.0X160 7.0mm  160mm 
SDS7.0X210 7.0mm  210mm 
SDS7.0X260 7.0mm  260mm 
SDS8.0X110 8.0mm  110mm 
SDS8.0X160 8.0mm  160mm 
SDS8.0X210 8.0mm  210mm 
SDS8.0X260 8.0mm  260mm 
SDS8.0X310 8.0mm  310mm 
SDS8.0X450 8.0mm  450mm 
SDS10.0X110 10.0mm  110mm 
SDS10.0X160 10.0mm  160mm 
SDS10.0X210 10.0mm 210mm
SDS10.0X260 10.0mm  260mm 
SDS10.0X310 10.0mm  310mm 
SDS10.0X350 10.0mm 350mm
SDS10.0X400 10.0mm  400mm 
SDS10.0X450 10.0mm  450mm 
SDS10.0X600 10.0mm  600mm 
SDS11.0X160 11.0mm  160mm 
SDS11.0X210 11.0mm  210mm 
SDS11.0X260 11.0mm  260mm 
SDS11.0X310 11.0mm  310mm 
SDS12.0X160 12.0mm  160mm 
SDS12.0X210 12.0mm  210mm 
SDS12.0X260 12.0mm  260mm 
SDS12.0X310 12.0mm  310mm 
SDS12.0X350 12.0mm  350mm 
SDS12.0X450 12.0mm  450mm 
SDS12.0X600 12.0mm  600mm 
SDS12.0X1000 12.0mm  1000mm 
SDS13.0X160 13.0mm  160mm 
SDS13.0X310 13.0mm 310mm
SDS13.0X450 13.0mm 450mm
SDS14.0X160 14.0mm 160mm
SDS14.0X210 14.0mm 210mm
SDS14.0X260 14.0mm 260mm
SDS14.0X310 14.0mm 310mm
SDS14.0X350 14.0mm 350mm
SDS14.0X450 14.0mm 450mm
SDS14.0X600 14.0mm 600mm
SS14.0X1000 14.0mm 1000mm
SDS15.0X160 15.0mm 160mm
SDS15.0X260 15.0mm 260mm
SDS15.0X450 15.0mm 450mm
SDS15.0X600 15.0mm 600mm
SDS16.0X160 16.0mm 160mm
SDS16.0X210 16.0mm 210mm
SDS16.0X260 16.0mm 260mm
SDS16.0X310 16.0mm 310mm
SDS16.0X350 16.0mm 350mm
SDS16.0X450 16.0mm 450mm
SDS16.0X600 16.0mm 600mm
SDS16.0X800 16.0mm 800mm
SDS16.0X1000 16.0mm 1000mm
SDS18.0X210 18.0mm 210mm
SDS18.0X260 18.0mm 260mm
SDS18.0X310 18.0mm 310mm
SDS18.0X350 18.0mm 350mm
SDS18.0X400 18.0mm 400mm
SDS18.0X450 18.0mm 450mm
SDS18.0X600 18.0mm 600mm
SDS18.0X1000 18.0mm 1000mm
SDS19.0X210 19.0mm 210mm
SDS20.0X200 20.0mm 200mm
SDS20.0X260 20.0mm 260mm
SDS20.0X310 20.0mm 310mm
SDS20.0X400 20.0mm 400mm
SDS20.0X450 20.0mm 450mm
SDS20.0X600 20.0mm 600mm
SDS20.0X1000 20.0mm 1000mm
SDS22.0X250 22.0mm 250mm
SDS22.0X310 22.0mm 310mm
SDS22.0X400 22.0mm 400mm
SDS22.0X450 22.0mm 450mm
SDS22.0X600 22.0mm 600mm
SDS22.0X1000 22.0mm 1000mm
SDS24.0X250 24.0mm 250mm
SDS24.0X400 24.0mm 400mm
SDS24.0X450 24.0mm 450mm
SDS24.0X1000 24.0mm 1000mm
SDS25.0X250 25.0mm 250mm
SDS25.0X310 25.0mm 310mm
SDS25.0X450 25.0mm 450mm
SDS25.0X600 25.0mm 600mm
SDS25.0X1000 25.0mm 1000mm
SDS26.0X250 26.0mm 250mm
SDS26.0X400 26.0mm 400mm
SDS26.0X450 26.0mm 450mm
SDS26.0X600 26.0mm 600mm
SDS26.0X800 26.0mm 800mm


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