We offer a wide selection of hand tools, from all different types of handsaws and hand tools to bow saws and garden tools. All our products are manufactured in quality verified factories and sourced from Europe and the Rest of the World.


Item Code Description
Tenon Saw  HSB/10s 10" Hardpoint Tenon Saw - Double Ground
 Double Ground Handsaw




20" Hardpoint Handsaw - Double Ground

22" Hardpoint Handsaw - Double Ground

24" Hardpoint Handsaw - Double Ground



22" Hardpoint Handsaw - Double Ground - Fine Cut

 Tenon Saw SGB/12 12" Hardpoint Tenon Saw - Triple Ground
 Toolbox Saw SGB/14 14" Hardpoint Toolbox Saw - Triple Ground
 Toolbox Saw - Super Fine Cut SGB/14/13 14" Hardpoint Toolbox Saw - Triple Ground - Super Fine Cut





16" Hardpoint Handsaw - Triple Ground

18" Hardpoint Handsaw - Triple Ground

20" Hardpoint Handsaw - Triple Ground

22" Hardpoint Handsaw - Triple Ground

 20 SGB/20/13 20" Hardpoint Handsaw - Triple Ground - Super Fine Cut
 Floorboard Saw FBS/13 13" Hardpoing Floorboard Saw - Triple Ground
 Drywall Saw


6.5" Hardpoint Drywall Saw - Triple Ground
 Compass Saw


12" Hardpoint Compass Saw - Triple Ground
 General Purpose Saw


12" General Purpose Saw
 Woodsaw Kit WSK/3 Woodsaw Kit - Diecast Handle + 3 Blades (Wood, Tenon & Floorboard)
 Economy Junior Hacksaw EJH/6 6" Economy Junior Hacksaw
 Junior Hacksaw DJH/6 6" Tensionable Junior Hacksaw
 Professional Hacksaw PHS/12 12" Professional Hacksaw
 Robust Hacksaw HACK/12 12" Robust Hacksaw
 Coping Saw CP/7 7" Coping Saw
 4pc Wood Chisel Set WCS/4 4pc Wood Chisel Set - Soft Grip Handles
 Utility Knife UKHD Utility Cutter Knife
 5M Tape Measure TAPE/5 5m Tape Measure
 5M Tape Measure  - Soft Grip TAPE/5SG 5m Tape Measure with Soft Grip
 18 BC/18 18" Bolt Cutters
 Spirit Level SLEV/24 24" Spirit Level
 Wrecking Bar WB/18 18" Wrecking Bar
 Tile Removing Kit TRK Tile Removing Kit


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